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“This book is truly inspirational. The analogies at various points in the book – let alone in the title – are most apt and, in my view, achieve a ‘practice what you preach’ style of writing which echoes the overall message of the book.

It has all been very ingeniously constructed and presented and will most certainly be of benefit to both practicing teachers and to teachers in training.”

 Emeritus Prof David Donald (PhD) University of Cape Town

The world outside teaching moved from the agriculture age through the industrial age to the information age and now into the conceptual age. This happened while teaching is still focused on empowering learners for the industrial and information age.

Traditionalists teach workers to be bound to acquire pre-set insight and problem-solving skills needed for predicable and re-occurring workplace problems. This, while the world of work is ever changing.

Learning for the conceptual age is about concept creation, developing new procedures, adaptive reasoning with the view to enable learners to reposition from a disposition.

Teaching for the conceptual age should furnish learners with thinking tools which manifest in insight, alternative ways of solving problems, working with probabilities, new visions, creativity, inventiveness, ingenuity, originality and imagination. Instead of enabling learners to devise three solutions for one problem, learners are taught one solution for tree problems. Instead of being pattern sniffers, learners should be enabled to be pattern creators.

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This book takes creative thinking and learning to new dimensions.

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