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Homo sapiens is destined to think, and thus all information on earth is created by human brains. It is general knowledge that the brain is a knowledge creator. This is acknowledged everywhere in the world, except in schools where learners’ brains are turned into knowledge duplicators. This is in stark contrast with the meaning of “sapiens”, which is “wise”.

The result is that the school system produces school-leavers who are memorizing-fit and not thinking-fit.

This book is a practical guide to enable teachers to empower learners to engage with Thinking Tools which enable them as school leavers to gain insight and solve problems.

During learning Thinking Tools serve as thinking scaffolds which guide learners towards self-regulated learning steered by metacognition.

The DNA of Great Teachers

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The education system fails to develop the potential of learners to the maximum. Voices form the world of work and tertiary institutions make it clear that school leavers have little to offer in terms of knowledge since they forgot most of what they memorized and they lack competencies to gain insight in new challenges and to solve problems.

This book addresses these challenges.

Review of Emeritus Prof David Donald (PhD) University of Cape Town:

“This book is truly inspirational. The analogies at various points in the book – let alone in the title – are most apt and, in my view, achieve a ‘practice what you preach’ style of writing which echoes the overall message of the book. It has all been very ingeniously constructed and presented and will most certainly be of benefit to both practicing teachers and to teachers in training.