Facilitator Short Course


Facilitation is complex process intended to impart knowledge and understanding. Good facilitators need to know how to read a target audience and plan their facilitation approach accordingly. They also need to design suitable activities and manage classroom dynamics.

Traditionally facilitation has taken place in a bricks and mortar classroom, but increasingly facilitators are required to conduct training online using a variety of methods and platforms.

This short course has been designed to address both classroom and online facilitation methodologies, thereby making it a good choice for facilitators who plan to use multiple methods of delivery to convey their message.

People credited with this unit standard are able to:

  • Plan and prepare for facilitation;
  • Facilitate learning – both in a classroom and online;
  • Evaluate the success of both the learning and facilitation intervention.

The training is based on the unit standard: NQF level 5, credits 10, SAQA ID 117871

All courses are tailor-made and provided in-house to address contextual requirements.

Teaching Philosophy

Socrates said: ‘I cannot teach you anything, but I can make you think’.

Target groups

People involved in people development:

  • Teachers/trainers/facilitators.
  • Managers and supervisors.
  • Mentors/coaches.
  • Community workers.

Course outline

  • Employ five teaching methods to establish problem-solving skills and insight.
  • Furnish learners with a Thinking Toolbox to process knowledge and information.
  • Use rubrics to monitor and guide learners.
  • Support and accelerate learning using a variety of learning scaffolds.

Course duration

5 days: consecutive days OR spread over a period. Portfolio handed in on day 5.

Learning material

  • A copy of the book: The DNA of Great Teachers.
  • A workbook.
  • A hard copy portfolio.

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