Thinking tools is based on the brain’s ability to THINK.

Reasons to choose the Thinking Tools paradigm


The brain is a super computer with super abilities to think. 

Human beings are born with a set of Thinking Tools which need not to be learned from external sources.

Thinking Tools prepare learners for the self-directed learning which is needed for post Covid-19 and the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The Thinking Tools approach to learning is the only approach which makes the results of learning visible and not only the assessment of learning (tests and exams).

Thinking Tools enable learners to think analytical, solve problems and generate new ideas.

Thinking Tools is the only measurable means for self-directed learning.

Thinking Tools is NOT a study method. Study methods focus on memorizing which is not a life skill. There are no income generating possibilities for memorizers. Being able to solve problems and gain insight are life skills.

The Critical Thinking Toolkit (the mothership of all thinking) is the meta-cognitive GPS which guides self-regulated learning and enables learners to become knowledge creators instead of being knowledge duplicators.

When employing thinking tools, learners become thinking engineers – taking ownership of what they must discover, create or solve.


Thinking Tools are relevant for all curricula, grades, subjects, as well as for Project- and Inquiry-based Learning

Irrespective if learners have to master content, do a project or conduct research,  all three contribute towards developing life skills needed in the real world after school or after tertiary studies.

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