Why do we use the brain's pea-size memory for learning if we have the large frontal cortex to our avail?

Reasons to choose the Thinking Tools paradigm

Thinking Tools is the only approach where the first thing teachers are taught is to listen to your child’s #innerspeech to guide their further teaching.

Teachers are taught how to do individualised teaching in a class.

It is the only program in the world where teachers are taught how to grasp a wandering mind and building trust which is opposed to the traditional approach of exposing the child.

The Thinking Tools approach use a unique group dynamic way of analysing individual thinking styles to enhance the cognitive and emotional strengths of each child.

The teaching curriculum starts by empowering students with the Critical Thinking Toolkit which is the mothership of thinking.

This is the only programme where teachers do not qualify by making slideshow presentations. They get promoted because they empower their students to think, using 5 teaching methods which are in line with the wiring of the brain.

It stands out from the rest because it is geared to enable low achievers to immediately progress.

Milestones are not measured by exams results, but by an eloquently designed learning journey matrix which timeously informs the teacher, parents and the child of shortcomings that need to be addressed before the exam.

What is the best thing you can do for your child? Ensure your child is taught by Thinking Tools  teachers.


Thinking Tools are relevant for all curricula, grades, subjects, as well as for Project- and Inquiry-based Learning

Irrespective if learners have to master content, do a project or conduct research,  all three contribute towards developing life skills needed in the real world after school or after tertiary studies.

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