The brain’s chronosensor

The Thinking Tools teacher course is the only program in the world attending to the role of the chronosensor. We are born with a chronosensor (chrono means time) in the brain, which is responsible for gathering chronological and sequencing data, gauging the passing of time and rhythm types of information from the other senses. At first this sensor seems to be more latent than active, but this...

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Mathematics is like a tapestry

Like a tapestry, mathematics has a front and a back end. The completed sum is the front of the tapestry. This is the showing off part of the tapestry. This is the end teachers think they can explain to learners. If these explanations were successful, we would have had an oversupply of mathematicians in this world. In fact, learners would love maths and would not cover their sum with their hand...

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How fair is this?

How long is this unfair practice towards students are going to continue? How fair is it to assess a candidate on a process that was not part of the learning process? The solution is self-regulated learning with Thinking...

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The most effective way to transfer knowledge (continued)

It took me decades to realize the trillions and trillions of hours teachers, all over the world, invest in lesson planning with the aim to explain it to students does not bear the expected fruits. I then realised that no one could engage in listening to another person’s step-by-step explanation, without thinking about something else. We often catch ourselves losing the thread of a conversation...

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Your brain is your friend and not your enemy

In the textile industry, people have been spinning and dyeing wool in their own homes for centuries. James Hargreaves saw an opportunity. He realized there was something like a flywheel effect and developed the so-called Spinning Jenny. It is a tool that could drive eight different pivot points simultaneously. The house spinners thought it was going to steal their income and regarded the Jenny...

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The most effective way to transfer knowledge

This was riddle I wanted to unravel since my days as a junior teacher. I spent hours and hours sequencing, in those days on transparencies which was projected on a screen by means of an overhead projector. When writing and sketching the information that must be transferred to the students’ brains, it was always difficult to choose between a permanent or a non-permanent ink pen. Permanent pens...

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