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The 2nd edition contains a chapter on how Thinking Tools teaching addresses Maslow's need hierarchies. This is to enable teachers to ensure that their students:

Experience a safe learning environment.

Feel that they belong to the group.

Have confidence in themselves and selfrespect.

Have self-respect and confidence in themselves.

Realise the fulfilment of their talents and potential in metacognitive ways.

The book reveals educational myths such as ‘knowledge transfer’ and the use of Bloom’s Taxonomy for both teaching and assessment.
Over the past 100 years the education system developed paradigms on the following on which they got stuck:

  • Curriculum
  • Learning objectives
  • Teacher-centred teaching
  • Studying
  • Worksheets
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Communication
  • Classroom management
  • Assessment
  • Learner-centred teaching
  • Learning styles

The DNA of Great Teachers
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The education system fails learners and causes little to develop and utilize their learning potential to the maximum. Voices from the world of work and tertiary institutions make it clear that school leavers cannot apply their knowledge. Therefore, the current approach is not sufficient to prepare learners for work or for further studies. There is a need for more and better teaching methods. Methods that enable learners to develop to their full potential and much more to the body than to derive lessons from the curriculum and provide it to learners on a tray. The result of this approach is that learners are not empowered to create and discover knowledge, gain insight and solve problems

This book is truly inspirational. The analogies at various points in the book – let alone in the title – are most apt and, in my view, achieve a ‘practice what you preach’ style of writing which echoes the overall message of the book. It has all been very ingeniously constructed and presented and will most certainly be of benefit to both practicing teachers and to teachers in training.

Emeritus Prof David Donald (PhD)

University of Cape Town

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