Self-directed Learning

Self-directed learning is not exclusive to classrooms; it is a natural phenomenon. 

Managing the building of your first house as a rooky is a challenge but possible. Your are not a building contractor yet, but nothing is impossible. Reputable building contractors have experience in building houses.  They have checklists to guide them through the processes, e.g., getting the plan, conduct calculations for the bricks, cement, labour, etc., needed.  As  you gain more experience, your become more self-directed and less dependent on guidance and support of others. Self-directed people are successful people.

When you learn how to drive a can, you are only skilled when you can do it in a self-directed manner.

When obtaining your first job, you need to be a self-directed learner. You will not last long when you expect experienced colleagues to spoon-feed you once you get stuck, like in schools. 

Traditional schools which I call ‘teaching factories’ spoon-feeding approach nurture learners into a state of helplessness.

Thinking Tools schools empower learners to become self-directed income generators. 

What is Self-directed Learning?

It is a process whereby the learner first need to master the Thinking Tools e.g., master the tools to gather information/facts. There are tools to structure the facts into a hierarchy or a process albeit linear or cyclic. Blood through the body is cyclic and not linear. This is, amongst other, why learners find it difficult when they try to master the flow as a linear process.

This means that self-directed learning cannot be taught, it can only be learned with the guidance of a teacher who is a master of Thinking Tools.

Most schools of education use the term self-directed learning vaguely and loosely without saying what it is. I even came across an institution whose definition is: “Your child can decide by himself WHEN to start learning.” Such learning can then only be memorising which opens another can of worms as memorising is not the sellable skill after completion of school. Self-directed learning is a sellable skill.

I hope it sheds some light.