English Thinking Tools eCourses for teachers

Thinking Tools make your teaching dreams come true

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Were these your dreams?

  • To have disciplined classes. Now you can because your teacher is based on the wiring of the brain.
  • To have learners reaching their potential – even those who are struggling.
  • Can read the mind and heart of each learner.


The Foundation Phase teacher eCourse

  • Lay a sound foundation for maths, reading and writing, reading time, etc.
  • Fresh techniques to enable your learners to master subjects such as natural science and life skills.
  • Addresses maths and learning to read following the Thinking Tools phonetic approach.
  • Learn about the brain’s chronosensor which enables the brain to detect patterns and rhythms in maths, reading and writing and reading time and many more.
  • Have a unique way of managing your learners’ workbooks which puts you in a super position when providing information to parents and head of department.


More information and costs

You do the course at your own time and pace.

Consists of 6 x 3-hour sessions.

The cost of the course is R800 per teacher. There is a discount when teachers enrol as a group as well as discounts for schools

This is the feedback after session 3 of 6 Feedback from teachers attending the first ever 4IR Foundational Phase Thinking Tools Course

This is Alicia’s view on the advantage using the Thinking Tools method of Teaching

This is the teachers’ feedback after completion of the course.


Course content

  • How we think changes the teaching and learning landscape.
  • How Thinking Tools impact on classroom communication.
  • How thinking styles guide and enhance group dynamics.
  • The Critical Thinking Toolkit = the mothership of all thinking.
  • Surface and deep thinking gears.
  • Analyze, synthesize and evaluate.
  • De Bono + 1 Thinking Hats.
  • Thinking maps that speak brain language.
  • The five Thinking Methods that replace traditional teacher centered teaching.
  • Bloom’s Taxonomy turnaround in 3D view.
  • Clever Learning Activities.
  • The five Thinking Methods that replace traditional teacher centered teaching
  • Hide and seek.
  • Formative assessment GPS with a WOW.
  • Monitor learners with a formative assessment GPS.
  • The MacGyver Toolkit to keep abreast of your learners’ progress without them knowing how.
  • Potential development.
  • A Thinking Tools teaching planner.

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