Thinking Tools courses for teachers

6 x 3-hour sessions

Join the brain-based approach towards learning which empowers learners to master the curriculum themselves. Yes, learners take lead in self-regulated ways which is only possible when learners have access to their inborn Thinking Tools which they use to design their own learning strategies.

This empowers learners to take ownership of their own learning. Weaker learners are the first to achieve better.

Learners become more motivated to learn and disciplinary problems decrease.

This is opposed to the traditional curriculum-based approach to teaching which ignores the abilities of the brain.

This course caters for teachers teaching all grades and subjects.

Thinking Tools teachers empower their learners with are the exact same Thinking Tools I offer to entrepreneurs, businesses and international coproretes such as Rio Tino with offices all over the world

Enroll for an interactive, own time self-paced e-Learning Afrikaans course on Edugator which brings the learning to te people instead of the people to the learning click HERE

Enroll for an interactive, own time self-paced eLearning English course on Edugator which brings the learning to the people instead of the people to the learning click HERE

There are special rates for groups which is Thinking Tools’ endeavor to make thinking skills more accessible and affordable.


The course content

  • How we think changes the teaching and learning landscape.
  • How Thinking Tools impact on classroom communication.
  • How thinking styles guide and enhance group dynamics.
  • The Critical Thinking Toolkit = the mothership of all thinking.
  • Surface and deep thinking gears.
  • Analyze and synthesize.
  • De Bono + 1 Thinking Hats.
  • Thinking maps that speak brain language.
  • Bloom’s Taxonomy turnaround in 3D view.
  • Clever Learning Activities.
  • The five Thinking Methods that replace traditional teacher centered teaching
  • Hide and seek.
  • Formative assessment GPS with a WOW.
  • Monitor learners with a formative assessment GPS.
  • The MacGyver Toolkit to keep abreast of your learners’ progress without them knowing how.
  • Potential development.
  • The teaching plan.

Thinking Tools courses for grade 4 to 12 learners

4 x 3-hour sessions

Children have 4 sessions where they are engaged with Thinking Tools needed to master their schoolwork.

The purpose of the Thinking Tools in to enable children to become independent thinkers who are able to manage their own learning by means of the Thinking tools. This enable learners to become self-regulated learner who are able to decide which Thinking Tools are appropriate for a specific theme or topic within a theme.

For all grades, all subjects are covered and the last session is a maths session.

Sessions are scheduled a week apart over 4 weeks

During the week learners provide evidence of their Thinking Tool learning which is mentored.

Courses are offered in Afrikaans and English.

Maximum of 6 learners per group.

For each group a WhatsApp group is established to secure dates and times that suit all participants.

Grade 4 to 7 children still need support, therefor a parent must sit in at the standard rate.

  • Cost: R800 per child + R800 per parent = R1600

Parents are empowered to guide and mentor their children’s Thinking Tools learning for the rest of their learning life.

Grades 8 to 12: A parent MUST sit in at NO cost.

  • Cost: R300 per session = R1200 per child.

Parents are empowered to guide and mentor their children’s Thinking Tools learning for the rest of their learning life.

During the first three sessions we cover ALL subjects including comprehension tests, essays and prescribed books. During the last (4th) session we do maths the Thinking Tools way where learners learn to discover concepts and patterns themselves. Thinking Tools empower learners how to first unpack/analyse the sum itself. Once the sum is understood, other Thinking Tools are used to do the sum correctly. There are even tools to check the correctness of a sum.

Standard feedback from learners after the math’s session is: “I feel so relaxed when knowing what the sum requires me to do.”

With Thinking Tools your child is able to survive old school traditional teachers who now and then asks the class: “Do you understand?” – and then proceed.

They are able to fit into schools who adopted the problem-based approach because they have the Thinking Tools to solve problems.

Your child becomes a self-regulated learner, who can read his or her learning GPS. They know what they know and how they mastered it. They know their current position and know which Thinking Tools they need next to progress towards achievement.

The Thinking Tools are the same tools I offer to entrepreneurs, small businesses and corporates such as Rio Tinto the international exploration compony with branches all over the world.

This means Thinking Tools prepare your child for the world of work!

To secure your child’s seat on a course, WhatsApp Cas Olivier 0832592857

Grade 1 to 3 Mommy sessions

3 x 3-hour sessions at a total cost of R600 per parent.

Our children are born with Thinking Tools, therefor never too early to start exploring them.

We discover:

  • How the child’s brain works.
  • How to capitalize on the strengths of the brain instead of the weaknesses as in traditional education.
  • How to set your child ‘inner clock’ (chronosenor) which is needed to detect patterns in maths, even in  simple maths such as counting in 2’s, reading a clock, etc.
  • How setting of the chornosensor contributes towards reading and writing.
  • How to read and write the Thinking Tools sound-based way. This pushes through to writing sentences, essays and answering a comprehension test.
  • How to enrich language using the Dendrite Bubble Map.

All of the above is done in understandable ways. 

Maximum of 8 parents per group.

To secure your seats on a course, WhatsApp Cas Olivier 0832592857

Dates are set to suit each parent.

Thinking Tools courses for university students

3 x 3-hour sessions

Any year, any field of study.

Learning is a social event, therefor students are trained in groups.

For each group a WhatsApp group is established to secure dates and times that suit all participants.

To secure your seat on a course, use the WhatsApp icon in the lower left corner to directly speak to Cas Olivier.

  • Costs: R300 per session = R900 per student

For more detail on the courses in Afrikaans, click HERE

For more detail on the courses in English, click HERE


Contact us for information on a custom-made Thinking Tools program for Corporates

Client during November 2020 on Thinking Tools and problem-solving: Rio Tinto

Private Individuals/Entrepreneurs

This programme is specifically developed for individuals who want to improve their Thinking Skills to improve their thinking on a personal, business and professional level.

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