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The last 4 years I trained hundreds of teachers on Thinking Tools and did not find any teacher being equipped with insight on the thinking brain.

This is your chance to become a leader on the thinking brain in your school.


6 x 3-hour sessions

Thinking Tools have names and can therefor be used for surface and deep thinking, analysis, synthesis, evaluation and to create.

Thinking Tools are real-life observable and manageable tools which learners use to design their own learning strategies. In this way Thinking tools are thinking scaffolds which empower learners to use formative rubrics to guide and steer their learning endeavors.

Thinking Tools has a brain-based approach to learning aimed to empower learners to master the curriculum.

This is opposed to the traditional curriculum-based approach to teaching which ignores the abilities of the brain.

Why the Thinking Tools approach?

Thinking Tools empower learners with meta-cognitive abilities which empower them to be self-regulated learners.

Teachers are trained in groups - all subjects and courses together in one group. There are separate courses for Afrikaans and English speaking teachers.

Teachers in other countries who can gather a group of 8 teachers are welcome to contact me for a quote.

Education faculties and related organisations who want to train their staff are welcome to contact me for a quote.

For each group a WhatsApp group is established to secure course dates and times that suit all participants.

To enroll for a course with Cas Olivier WhatsApp 0832592857 and request to be enrolled.

This course is registered with the South African Council for Educators (SACE) - 20 CPTD points.

The cost of this course is R1200

Enroll for an interactive, own time self-paced course on Edugator which brings the learning to te people instead of the people to the learning click HERE


Grade 4 to 12 learners

4 x 3-hour sessions

Children have 4 sessions where they are engaged in Thinking Tools needed to master their schoolwork.

For all grades, all subjects are covered and the last session is a maths session.

Sessions are scheduled a week apart over 4 week

During the week learners provide evidence of their Thinking Tool learning which is mentored.

Maximum of 6 learners per group.

For each group a WhatsApp group is established to secure dates and times that suit all participants.

Grade 4 to 7 children still need support, therefor a parent must sit in at the standard rate.
  • Cost: R800 per child + R800 per parent = R1600
Grades 8 to 12, parents MUST sit in at NO cost.
  • Cost: R300 per session = R1200 per child.

We are experts in all subjects and specialize in maths, comprehension tests, essays and prescribed books.

To secure your seat on a course, WhatsApp Cas Olivier 0832592857

Grade 1 to 3 Mommy sessions

3 x 3-hour sessions at a total cost of R600 per parent.

We discover:

- How the child's brain works.

- How to capitalize on the strengths of the brain instead of the weaknesses as in traditional education.

- How to synchronize your child 'inner clock' (chronosenor) which facilitates detecting concepts and patters in higher grades.

- How to read and write the Thinking Tools sound-based way.

- How to read and comprehend.

- The basics of maths and patterns.

Maximum of 8 parents per group.

    To secure your seats on a course, WhatsApp Cas Olivier 0832592857

    Dates are set to suit each parent.

University Students

3 x 3-hour sessions

Any year, any field of study.

Learning is a social event, therefor students are trained in groups.

For each group a WhatsApp group is established to secure dates and times that suit all participants.

To secure your seat on a course, use the WhatsApp icon in the lower left corner to directly speak to Cas Olivier.

  • Costs: R300 per session = R900 per student


Contact us for information on a custom-made Thinking Tools programme for Corporates

Private Individuals/Entrepreneurs

This programme is specifically developed for adults who want to improve their Thinking Skills to improve their thinking on a personal, business and professional level.

Content of Teacher Sessions


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