What is the new normal in education?

What is 21st century teaching?
April 10, 2020
Why is there a need to change the way that we are teaching?
April 20, 2020

What is the new normal in education?

Can you as a teacher be replaced by a video recording?

Everyone is talking about a NEW NORMAL.

What is a new normal?

This is where everything is going to be the same but different.

There will still be schools, but they will be virtual classrooms in the clouds. Although standards will drop, it will benefit most. This must be judged against the already low standard of education in many schools.

There will still be teachers, but mainly conducting assessing high-order questions. I believe the unions will fight for that. Easy questions will be marked online by a computer.

The new normal is already grinding its teeth. I read the following on social media:

  1. Should students pay the same for online versus classroom classes?
  2. Transform learning into business impact. Get started today
  3. We are happy to announce we will be providing educational resource through the BRONX EDUSOLUTION: Learning will be televised.
  4. Happy to announce the publication of my book with Teachers College Press: IMPROVING ONLINE TEACHER EDUCATION: Digital Tools and Evidence-Based Practices.

Why a new normal?

Money will not be available to school fees. No one knows how government is going to handle free tertiary education. Government will have to cut to the bone. As politicians sacrificed 30% of their salaries, so will others.

For decades universities have been preparing teachers for the new normal. They trained teachers to be video makers. My heart bleeds as I read Facebook teachers’ comments on cloud video clip classes: “Great presentation!”

Each such comment is another nail in the coffin of metacognition. Anyone who makes an explanatory video that does not include questions, provides another nail. Anyone who uses such a video instead of a child-centered thinking approach, provides yet another blow to perpetuate parrot learning.

The worst is that they don’t realize it.

I am grateful to every Thinking Tools teacher who is a safety net for kids who fell through the holes of a Maslow unsafe education system.

Predictions about the Fourth Industrial Revolution become true. There are going to be jobs we could never imagine, such as Thinking Tools teachers who have real authentic dining room classes empowering groups of learners to think so that they are able to maintain themselves in machine schools.

I am grateful to every Thinking Tools parent who spent hours and hours with their children to be safety nets for children who fell through the holes of a Maslow unsafe education system.

I don’t think this is going to happen tomorrow or overnight, but it is definitely going to be an option for super-bankrupt government …..

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