Why is there a need to change the way that we are teaching?

What is the new normal in education?
April 12, 2020

Why is there a need to change the way that we are teaching?

  1. The brain is NOT designed to remember, for example
    1. When you study a book of 30 pages you may master 3 pages during the first round of study.
    2. In an attempt to master the other 27 pages, you will probably forget some of the first 3 pages you mastered the first round of study.
  2. Worse, the memory is unpredictable. During an exam it is not possible to predict which information your brain will forget and what your brain will be able to recall.
  3. In short you can never trust your memory
  4. The brain is wired to THINK
  5. And I must add, at the speed of white light, for example, your brain can start with an idea and within seconds it jumps to a number of other ideas and can then bounce back to the exact spot where it stopped thinking about the first idea.
  6. It is in this magnificent thinking brain into which thinking tools taps in, instead of tapping into the memory.
  7. Thinking tools are not new to the brain.
  8. Each thinking tool is an inborn talent within our metacognitive toolbox.
  9. All information on earth is created by human brains. The fact that the brain is a knowledge creator is acknowledged everywhere in the world, except in schools where learners’ brains are turned into knowledge duplicators.
  10. Knowing what you know now, you are at a crossroad to act.
  11. As a teacher, you can keep on relying on your students’ memory which is going to drop them along the road.
  12. OR you can make a paradigm shift towards brain-based learning.
  13. Email me at cas@learningdesigns.co.za

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