Your brain is your friend and not your enemy

The most effective way to transfer knowledge
November 6, 2020
The most effective way to transfer knowledge (continued)
November 9, 2020

Your brain is your friend and not your enemy

In the textile industry, people have been spinning and dyeing wool in their own homes for centuries.

James Hargreaves saw an opportunity. He realized there was something like a flywheel effect and developed the so-called Spinning Jenny. It is a tool that could drive eight different pivot points simultaneously.

The house spinners thought it was going to steal their income and regarded the Jenny as a huge threat. They broke into Hargreaves’ house and smashed the Spinning Jenny.

However, they could not stop the wave of change. Look where the materials industry stands today!

History repeats itself.

Upton Sinclair said: “It is difficult to make a man understand something if his salary depends on him not understanding it.”

We see this attitude even in modern times.

The founder of the Digital Equipment Corporation said. “There’s no reason anyone wants a computer in their house”

Because Apple’s Mac initially attracted little attention, Nokia’s chief strategic officer said. “It will also be their role in cell phones.”

See where iPhone stands today!

Few people at first thought Thinking Tools belong in decent conversations. Many people still think so but Thinking Tools’ spinning wheels are affecting more and more people’s lives positively! every day!

I think it is time for people to accept the brain is a friend and not seeing it as a family member in jail.

Reasons to choose the Thinking Tools paradigm


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