Thinking Tools eCourse

This is an invitation to English speaking parents to enrol their children from Grade 4 to 12 for a Thinking Tools course.

The Afrikaans community set the trend and it is now high time for English people to enable their children to become critical thinkers.


Because the education system is teacher-centered and not learner-centered, Thinking Tools fall in teachers’ blind spots. Unless thy are trained how to use Thinking Tools.

A Thinking Tools course is an opportunity to discover how Thinking Tools will benefit your child’s academy.


From session 1, your child learns to engage in critical thinking which will cause your child’s marks to increase.

Hundreds of children’s marks have already increased because they have learned how to manage the mothership of all thinking.

During each eCourse all subjects are covered and the last 3-hour session is allocated to mathematics.

A good idea would be to start with grades 11 and 12.

Because the courses will be recorded you need strong and stable internet, a laptop with camera for Zoom and a quiet background.

The courses are free and potential participants must meet set criteria.

WhatsApp me 0832592857


Courses in proces of development

  1. Grade 4 to 7
  2. High school maths
  3. High school all subjects excluding maths