Thinking Tools eCourse


All Thinking Tools courses are led by
Dr. Cas Olivier


The pre-recorded  (Zoom) Thinking Tools course provides a Fourth Industrial Revolution third-person interactive learning mode. It is easy to follow and provides a real presence feel and touch.

Since the course allows for third-person communication with the course content, it is the only teacher training course in the world where the delivery mode AND course content are aligned with 4IR eLearning. It is ON-THE-GO. No lecturing, no explanation – it is flipped teaching.

This highly enjoyable learner-centered course with no boring old-school lecturing and PowerPoint slides.

The teachers on this course are teachers from schools in London. The course is being recorded and will be available mid December 2020

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The Course content

  • How we think changes the teaching and learning landscape.
  • How Thinking Tools impact on classroom communication.
  • How thinking styles guide and enhance group dynamics.
  • The Critical Thinking Toolkit = the mothership of all thinking.
  • Surface and deep thinking gears.
  • Analyze and synthesize.
  • De Bono + 1 Thinking Hats.
  • Thinking maps that speak brain language.
  • The five Thinking Methods that replace traditional teacher centered teaching.
  • Bloom’s Taxonomy turnaround in 3D view.
  • Clever Learning Activities.
  • The five Thinking Methods that replace traditional teacher centered teaching
  • Hide and seek.
  • Formative assessment GPS with a WOW.
  • Monitor learners with a formative assessment GPS.
  • The MacGyver Toolkit to keep abreast of your learners’ progress without them knowing how.
  • Potential development.
  • A teaching plan.


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